Top 10 Classical Tracks for the Beach

Top ten classical tracks for the beach : Rainbow in Curved, Zerbinetta’s Aria, Sextet No. 1, Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major , Mein Herr Marquis , /Rainbow in Curved Air/

Top 5 American Symphonies

Here are top 5 American symphonies you should know: Symphony No. 1 by Christopher Theofanidis | Decasia by Michael Gordon | Samuel Barber’s Orchestral Works, Vol. 1 – Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2 | Glenn Branca ‘s /Symphony No. 3/ |/ Aaron Copland’s /Symphony No. 3.

Michael Tilson Thomas: The Superconductor of San Francisco Symphony

Top 10 Films about Classical Music

10 of the best films about classical music that are worth watching:/Impromptu, The Red Violin, //Shine, //Immortal Beloved, //The Piano, //Glenn Gould, Amadeus, //Tous les Matins du Monde, /Brief Encounter, A Night at the Opera

Weather Inspired Classical Music

Weather has found expression in classical music, enticing listeners to journey and experience things in a whole new light.Weather inspired classical music, some good composers has tapped weather circumstances as subject for their musical works.

Philadelphia Orchestra: The Masters of Philadelphia Sound

Philadelphia Orchestra has made history in all kinds of ways. They are first to appear on national television in 1948 and the first orchestra to utilize an online live stream in 1997.

Combining East and West to Create Perfect Harmony Music

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra composers, Junyi Tan’s and Jing Xian’s answers to 1. “How do you utilize the characteristics of both Western and Chinese instruments in your compositions?” and 2. “What are the differences between traditional Chinese and Western instruments?”

L.A. Philharmonic vs. Boston Symphony: Which Is the Largest Orchestral Operation?

The Boston Symphony call themselves “the world’s largest orchestral operation,” but L.A. Philharmonic annual spending has exceeded Boston Symphony’s. Which one indeed is the largest?

Are City Orchestras Becoming Extinct?

With lockouts, deficits, and dwindling audiences, classical ensembles fight for survival. Symphonies in different cities over the past 2 years have all encountered strikes/lockouts partly because of the weak economy.

Cleveland Orchestra: Small-Town World-Beater

The Cleveland Orchestra is considered as one of the “Big Five” American orchestras. George Szell established a distinct European sound for the orchestra, which would later on become its trademark sound.