How to Watch Classical Chinese Dance as a Non Chinese Dancer

 In China, dancing is an extremely diverse form of art that consists of several traditional and contemporary dance genres. These dances cover an extensive range, starting from folk dances up to … [More...]


Which Came First – Classical Chinese Dance Or Ballet?

Aficionados of classical music often love seeing live performances of their favorite pieces accompanied by traditional dance acts. While ballet may have been the gold standard of classical music, it’s not … [More...]

Phoenix Arizona

Classical Chinese dance Shen Yun show returning Phoenix Arizona on world tour

Shen Yun 2015 Preview trailer Shen Yun, the classic Chinese performing arts company is coming for their 2015 world tour, arriving Phoenix Arizona with stops at the Ikeda Theater in Mesa Arts Center, beginning … [More...]

Mesa Ikeda Theater

How to Enjoy Dance Shows at Ikeda Theater, Mesa Arts Center

The Ikeda Theater at the Mesa Arts Center sits at the heart of downtown Mesa, Arizona and is owned by the charming city. This award winning theater is part of the Mesa Art Center, which has 14 art studios, five … [More...]

Phoenix Orpheum Theatre

Have a Great Night Out with a Phoenix Orpheum Theatre Live Show

Tired of the same old date night of dinner and a movie? Want to treat yourself after a hard week’s work to something new and exciting? The historic Phoenix Orpheum Theatre provides an atmosphere rich in culture … [More...]

Classical Chinese Dance

Classical Chinese Dance

Classical Chinese dance can entrance audiences everywhere. Yet few people realize how training plays a critical role in perfecting the graceful moves shown by classical Chinese dance performers.Apart from … [More...]

Shen Yun Costumes - heaven beauty

Shen Yun Couture Behind the Scenes – An Experience of the Making of Shen Yun costumes

Aside from the outstanding performance, another great thing you will remember after seeing the Shen Yun performers on stage is their costumes. Cindy Liu, a principal dancer of the Shen Yun Performing Arts could … [More...]

Shen Yun Ethnic Dance: Dai dance

Dance Creation – How a Shen Yun Dance Comes to Be

September is off-season for the Shen Yun Performing Arts. On the other hand, it is the time of year when the Shen Yun Performing Arts groups are in the midst of their "first draft". A big show is on its way … [More...]

Shen Yun Audience at SD

Performing Arts: The Vital Role It Plays In Our Lives

Have you ever tried to express yourself without the use of your body or voice? Is it even possible? To understand the vital role that the performing arts will play in our lives, you'll need to understand more … [More...]

Classical Composition

The Five Greatest Classical Compositions Ever

Classical music has had a lot of hits throughout the centuries, and unlike the hits of today, their music is still recognized throughout the world today. Though there are many compositions that could be called … [More...]

Opera and Classical Music

Are Opera And Classical Music Still Important Today?

With the rise of pop music, jazz, and electronica, both opera and classical music started to fade away from the public eye. By 2013, people are beginning to wonder whether opera and classical music are still … [More...]

Top5 Concert Hall

Top 5 Concert Halls To Enjoy A Classical Music Concert In The US

The United States is not exactly known for its classical music scene, especially when it’s compared to countries like Austria, England , or even Russia. However, this by no means suggests that there are no good … [More...]

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

World’s Best 10 Symphony Orchestras in Classical Music

World’s Best 10 Symphony Orchestras in Classical MusicGramophone released the results of the polls conducted among a panel of renowned music critics for the world’s best symphony orchestras in classical … [More...]

Shen Yun classical concert at Boston Symphony Hall 2013

New Classical Chinese Concert at Boston Symphony Hall, Massachusetts – Oct. 4, 2014

In its continued effort to bring the best classical concerts to its patrons, the Greatest Performance ( has announced a new Chinese concert of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra scheduled … [More...]

Great Classical Masterpieces 110px

Top 5 Classical Music Composers of All Time

The classical music genre is filled with geniuses. With their mastery, they were able to create a bunch of songs and symphonies that would shape the musical world. Because of this fact, selecting just 5 among … [More...]

Shen Yun

Is Shen Yun Live Performance Worth Seeing? ( Video)

Is Shen Yun Show Worth Seeing?Shen Yun Performing Arts  is a New York based classical Chinese dance and music company.  They specialize in bringing to life  Chinese arts and traditional … [More...]

Top5 Concert Hall

Shen Yun at the Lincoln Center in 2013

Shen Yun performing artists has gotten a lot of raves from their  performance at the Lincoln Center (New York) in 2013. These raves come from no less than classical musicians, choreographers, academicians, … [More...]

Shen Yun 2013 World tour

How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts?

How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts?Simply put, it was hectic! 3 groups travelled 18 countries and totaled 354 shows. This was in the span of 6 months. So is it worth seeing for the next … [More...]

Classical Composition

Classical Music And Miss America

The Miss America pageant is one of the few beauty pageants that really has a major impact on pop culture. It is a pageant that first got people to associate tiaras, sashes, and plastic surgery with American … [More...]


Top 10 Greatest Classical Composers Ever (video)

Top 10 Greatest Classical Composers Ever: A survey was conducted with more or less 115 respondents on whom they think are the greatest classical composers. Listed here at what people think as the top 10 … [More...]

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