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Top 10 Plays for Theater Newcomers Guide writer Wade Bradford lists down the top 10 plays for theater newcomers: 1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare This is one of the most popular plays by Shakespeare. The audience will enjoy this fantasy-themed play about fairies and mixed-up-lovers presented in a fun and lighter plot. 2. The Miracle Worker, William Gibson […]

‘First Date’ Theater Review – Charming and Unexpected

“First Date,” a contemporary love story musical, directed by Bill Berry, is an over-all appealing performance with excellent direction, production, actors, characters, story-line, and stand-out lyrics.

“Still More Of Our Part” Six Plays About The Disabled: A Theater Review

The Epoch Times publishes this review by Diana Barth of six very short plays all about the woes of people in the disabled community. All of the six plays, which totals to about 70 minutes, include “Call Back”, “Playing The Card”, “Fully Accessible”, “Forgotten Corners Of Your Dark, Dark Place”, “Supernova in Reseda”, and “Good […]