Shen Yun at the Lincoln Center in 2013

Shen Yun performing artists has gotten a lot of raves from their  performance at the Lincoln Center (New York) in 2013. These raves come from no less than classical musicians, choreographers, academicians, television personalities, etc. BTW, 11 shows were nearly sold out which is no small feat for a venue this big. The Artists Most […]

How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts?

How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts? Simply put, it was hectic! 3 groups travelled 18 countries and totaled 354 shows. This was in the span of 6 months. So is it worth seeing for the next season? Return Trip Overseas Every year, Shen Yun increases its international audience. They visit more […]

Chinese spectacle a new twist for Lincoln Center Festival

Asian audiences, particularly the Chinese, seem to have developed a taste for western performing arts. A case in point is Monkey: Journey to the West, a vibrant and visually sumptuous production featured at the Lincoln Center Festival. Other examples of how the performing arts has attracted Asian audiences is the Chinese New Year gala concert […]