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The Music of Shen Yun – Incredibly Unique Classical Music

The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, a touring symphony that includes talented musicians from across five continents, has gained much prestige in recent years. The orchestra, which seeks to open up horizons in the … [More...]

Top 5 Classical Music Composers of All Time

The classical music genre is filled with geniuses. With their mastery, they were able to create a bunch of songs and symphonies that would shape the musical world. Because of this fact, selecting just 5 among … [More...]

World’s Best 10 Symphony Orchestras in Classical Music

World’s Best 10 Symphony Orchestras in Classical MusicGramophone released the results of the polls conducted among a panel of renowned music critics for the world’s best symphony orchestras in classical … [More...]

Why Write Symphonies? ONLY Symphonic Literature Can Move Us

"Why write symphonies," a Pulitzer winner asks – and explains why:In 2007, one day before the premiere of his Violin Concerto, Kevin Puts was interviewed by a journalist. The journalist asked over … [More...]

Are Opera And Classical Music Still Important Today?

With the rise of pop music, jazz, and electronica, both opera and classical music started to fade away from the public eye. By 2013, people are beginning to wonder whether opera and classical music are still … [More...]

Top 10 Best Known Classical Melodies (video)

Top 10 Best Known Classical Melodies:Classical music should be placed in a pedestal. This countdown of the top 10 best known classical melodies is for those who enjoy the genre.10. Overture to William … [More...]

Does Digital Technology Enhance Live Classical Performances?

Does digital technology divert or enhance the musical experience of today’s concert-goers?Author-cum-critic Ivan Hewett has singled out two concerts by two luminaries of the contemporary music scene for … [More...]

Will Orchestra Members Enjoy New Symphonies?

The world of music is in a state of constant creation. There is no question about whether or not new music is being made in the genre of symphony orchestra. There are people who are working on their first … [More...]

Infinite Interest in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (Guide)

In the first of Tom Service’s new blog series (TheGuardian), Service digests Beethoven's 5th Symphony, the famous, most influential symphonic creation of all time.Service notes that the 5th Symphony is so … [More...]

The Five Greatest Classical Compositions Ever

Classical music has had a lot of hits throughout the centuries, and unlike the hits of today, their music is still recognized throughout the world today. Though there are many compositions that could be called … [More...]

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