Combining East and West to Create Perfect Harmony Music - Greatest Performance

Combining East and West to Create Perfect Harmony Music

Junyi_Tan_ShenYun_ComposerHow could Eastern and Western music combine to create great music? We may not know the exact answer, but the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has been able to do it – combining East and West to create authentic stand-out music.

JingXian_ShenYun_ComposerThe Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is now on its inaugural tour, traveling the United States and two of their most outstanding composers give some of their insights on what it’s like to compose the perfect East-West harmony music.

“How do you utilize the characteristics of both Western and Chinese instruments in your compositions?” and “What are the differences between traditional Chinese and Western instruments?”

Just hop over to this link to read more about Junyi Tan’s and Jing Xian’s answers to the above questions at
A Short Interview with Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Composers.

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