Combining East and West to Create Perfect Harmony Music

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra composers, Junyi Tan’s and Jing Xian’s answers to 1. “How do you utilize the characteristics of both Western and Chinese instruments in your compositions?” and 2. “What are the differences between traditional Chinese and Western instruments?”

Carnegie Hall Patrons: Shen Yun Is The Experience Of A Lifetime

There are very few groups who have an international reputation for being as talented, as cohesive, and as stunningly hardworking as the Shen Yun Symphony Orchstra. Shen Yun has some of the clearest, most sonorous music that you could ever witness in person.

Newsletter – Sept 2013 – Shen Yun

IN SEVEN YEARS of Shen Yun’s history, the company has become a global phenomenon, leading the theatrical world with stage inventions and inspiring performances. See where our inspiration comes from and the challenges we have to overcome on our path… BEGINS NEXT WEEK!Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Now Touring US Cities THE ORIGINAL SHEN YUN MUSIC […]

An Extraordinary New Musical Experience at Carnegie Hall

Watch the 2013 trailer. Watch now Go Behind the Scenes with Shen Yun’s Musicians Shen Yun has attracted an array of top musicians from around the world. Hear the musicians talk about how Shen Yun has given them not only an avenue for excelling in their art, but also an unforgettable life experience. Watch now […]

You Asked For It, You Got It! First Ever Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Tours 6 US Cities This Fall

After debuting last October in New York at Carnegie Hall and after their sold-out shows throughout the globe, Shen Yun Performing Arts is back this Fall with their 6-city US tour. The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra presents the same recognizable sound, but much grander. The symphony orchestra will play both their original Shen Yun production […]

A Full House Concert bursting with applause at Carnegie Hall (Video)

A new orchestra, blends the best of Chinese and Western classical traditions together,  performed a symphony concert at Carnegie Hall last October with a full house and plenty of applause.  You may find out why they made it after watching this video- “Shen Yun Musicians: Our Art, Our Bond, Our Home”: STEVEN LOUIE: You know, […]

Orchestral Positions at Shen Yun

If you are among those aspiring to be part of a renowned orchestra, hitch your wagon to a brightly shining star.  Applications will be considered on a rolling, but first-come-first-served basis. Be ready to tour for five months and to spend seven months at the  company’s campus in New York.   A life changing experience & […]

Shen Yun Principal Dancer Sebastien Chun, Dancing All the Way from Paris

Some artists of the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts have fascinating life stories. In the case of  Sebastien Chun, who has taken on the roles of emperor, ancient warrior, and even Buddha, the path to a fulfilling career as dancer for Shen Yun Performing Arts was created from a lucky yet welcome development. He […]

Ticket Presale: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Concert in LA, Oct. 18-19

Trailer: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Pipa – Chinese Lute Erhu – the Chinese Violin The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is perhaps the only one of its kind in the world. It’s opening up new horizons in the world of Western classical music. PURCHASE TICKETS Purchase before August 30th and receive: 1. Priority seating 2. A […]

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Standing Ovation at DC Kennedy Center Concert Hall on 9/27

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra concluded the opening performance of its seven-city tour with four encores and several minutes of standing ovation at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, Washington, D.C. on September 27, 2013. Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is the only orchestra in the world that combines classical Western and traditional Chinese instruments together. The Shen Yun […]