The Five Greatest Classical Compositions Ever

Classical music has had a lot of hits throughout the centuries, and unlike the hits of today, their music is still recognized throughout the world today. Though there are many compositions that could be called masterpieces, these five have managed to earn the universal acclaim of just about every critic in history.

1. Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

is often the most commonly recognized song by this master of music. Since its creation in the early 1800’s, it has gone on to influence artists for centuries to come. It’s then-unique short-short-short-long motif has been used in countless rock songs, disco songs, and big band songs. Critics have frequently called it one of the most important compositions of all time and we are inclined to agree with them.

2. Matthaus Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach

is one of the more dramatic compositions on this list. It is considered to be one of the 18th century’s most intricate pieces, and is noted for its chromatic melodies, emotionally charged verbiage, and highly involved performances.

3. The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

is often considered to be one of the most famous violin quartets. Known for its fast paced, highly illustrative compositions, and uniquely powerful “storm” movement, Vivaldi’s masterpiece is definitely a collection that every classical musical fan should know. What most people don’t know is that Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was actually composed to accompany a quartet of sonnets, presumably written by Vivaldi himself. Classical music fans may find the sonnet’s accompaniments to be better than the sonnets themselves!

4. Symphony No. 9 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

, also known as the “Choral,” is remarkable for two main reasons. First, this was the last final complete symphony by the musical genius Beethoven. Second, this was the first example of composer adding vocals to a symphony. Musically speaking, the Choral is considered to be one of the most beautiful pieces to have ever been written in history, and it is the most frequently played symphony by orchestras throughout the world.

5. Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

is the final composition to make this list. This beautifully composed symphony was a commission for a Count’s wife’s funeral, but is now more commonly recognized for its heartfelt, melancholy, and moving sound. Despite it being unfinished, many critics believe that it may just be one of the most emotional symphonies to have ever been written. This also happens to be one of the most mysterious symphonies in history for a variety of reasons, including the fact that no one knows whether or not Mozart actually left instructions on how to complete his composition. Needless to say, many myths arose from this composer’s last work.

The world would not be the same without these famous pieces – especially if you are talking about the musical world. Many of these pieces paved the way for musical innovations that gave us the melodies, rhythms, and concepts behind modern music. It’s safe to say life would be different without the invention of these five compositions – classical music fan or not.

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