Is Shen Yun Live Performance Worth Seeing? ( Video) - Greatest Performance

Is Shen Yun Live Performance Worth Seeing? ( Video)

Is Shen Yun Show Worth Seeing?

Shen Yun Performing Arts  is a New York based classical Chinese dance and music company.  They specialize in bringing to life  Chinese arts and traditional Chinese culture.

Why can’t  Shen Yun be seen anywhere in China or DVD?
China is too uptight.  It’s either you submit to heavy regulation and censorship or you cannot go onstage.   Second, the troupe points out that selling DVD’s or allowing YouTube videos is not enough for the audience to fully appreciate their art form. Simply put, it has to be live, it has to be with an audience, and it has to be played in a grand scale with full acoustics.

Theater Experience
Anybody who is a patron of theatrical works will tell you that part of the experience is the grandeur of the play. Even the biggest television set will pale in comparison with watching the troupe live. Think about it, why do people put a high premium on seats to the NBA or a Las Vegas fight night? The simple reality is, a live performance on stage is a different experience!

World Tour
Shen Yun travels from city to city, nation to nation, in order to bring you closer to the live performance. Also, Shen Yun change their performances on a yearly basis. This way, the patrons can look forward to another season every year.

Don’t Miss It
Also, Theater lovers can never go wrong when watching seasoned performers with a passion for what they do. It is the author’s humble opinion that; if given the chance you should not let this opportunity pass!

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