Have a Great Night Out with a Phoenix Orpheum Theatre Live Show

Phoenix Orpheum Theatre
Tired of the same old date night of dinner and a movie? Want to treat yourself after a hard week’s work to something new and exciting? The historic Phoenix Orpheum Theatre provides an atmosphere rich in culture and history. The theater’s recent restoration has returned it to its former glory and created an atmosphere that can’t be beat. This rich environment combined with an awesome dance performance is a sure-fire way to spend a glorious evening of enjoyment.

Fully immerse yourself in a spectacular night filled with music, lights, a fantastically beautiful theater and take in one of the best dance shows you will ever see! This theater is recognized internationally for its décor and atmosphere and its showcasing of spectacular entertainment. A dance show at the Orpheum Theatre is not just a show; it’s an experience.

Dance performances are a fantastic way to enjoy a story through movement and body language. In that way, they are very much like a movie or play, but leave room for more interpretation by the viewer. The music pieces chosen for the performance enrich the quality and are a fundamental part of dance performances. Emotion is instilled within us through music and song, highlighted and accentuated by the beauty of the human form displaying a wide range of human emotion, anywhere from joy to sadness to anger.

Orpheum Theatre Phoenix

Costume choices decorate the dancers much like an artist would use brush strokes on canvas to create art. Dance performance is the real-time, larger than life equivalent of this art, set to music, motion relaying the message of the artist, invoking feelings through movement and music.

Be swept up in this story set in motion, feel the music speak to your soul; share in the passion of the dancers as they relay their love of their craft to the audience. While a movie can invoke feeling, live performance through dance makes you feel alive, part of the story being played out before you on stage, in tune with emotions of ourselves and others. The vibrant display adds warmth, excitement, and true pleasure as viewers take part in the passion which exudes throughout the theater and comforts the soul like a soft blanket enveloping them in pleasure.

Bring a loved one to a performance at the Orpheum and share in the experience that only dance performance can offer. Submerse yourselves in the rich cultural environment filled with music, color, lights, and dance. Relax and let the everyday struggles of living melt away as you open your eyes and your soul to the message the artists relay. Let the music and color refresh and awaken you.

Life is a dance; partake in the world of dance by enjoying a dance show at the Orpheum Theatre. Expand your horizons; feel the experience and emotion dance has to offer. Share the experience with others, enjoy the performance, enjoy life, and enjoy the dance.

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