Communicating Ideas through Dance Portrayals – Caroline Sercombe (Artist Profile) - Greatest Performance

Communicating Ideas through Dance Portrayals – Caroline Sercombe (Artist Profile)

Shen Yun Dancer: Caroline SercombeA dancer can share an idea or tell a story even when the audience cannot see her facial expressions. Caroline Sercombe, a dancer performing with Shen Yun Performing Arts shares her expertise…

Shen Yun is a classical Chinese culture revival dance company based in NY and the main component of their dance performances is storytelling. After all, classical Chinese dance is renowned for its dramatic portrayal of both legendary tales and present day stories.

Ms. Caroline Sercombe has been a favorite choice for several lead roles because of her incredible talent to convey profound emotions through body movements alone.

“It is hard to show the audience something that can only be felt, but not seen on the outside… You have to make clear the transitions,” she explains.

In her lead role in the “An Unexpected Encounter,” Ms. Sercombe’s character performs multiple emotional transitions throughout the dance. From grief, despair, to spiritual enlightenment, Caroline Sercombe is able to convey precise transitions of emotions through her brilliant dance movements.

Her passion for dancing is deeply seated from her Chinese-Australian roots. If you want to find out more about her, visit:  Shen Yun Artist Profile: Caroline Sercombe

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