What Could the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Do for Today’s Opera?

Radio City Christmas SpectacularFred Plotkin, contributor to 105.9 FM WQXR is a writer, consultant, speaker, and a compelling teacher. He is one of America’s lead experts on opera and he shares some of his splendid and thought-revealing experiences watching Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular last December 9. He came with friend ‘Kathy’, an exemplary board member of several most distinguished classical performing arts firms on the West Coast.

The show wasn’t at all perfect but nonetheless very promising. “When it evoked its roots, it revealed the ways we’ve changed as a society,” comments Plotkin. “Much of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular— in particular, the human part—caught me by surprise as it warmed the heart the way opera, at its purest, still can.”

You can read more about Fred Plotkin’s commentary on what the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (and its other shows) could possibly do for today’s opera here: http://www.wqxr.org/#!/story/what-radio-city-christmas-spectacular-could-do-opera/

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