Shen Yun Artist: Ms. Jun Zhu ‘Lily’ Wang, Dancer Playing Multiple Lead Roles In Several Shen Yun Performances

Discover how a Chengdu, China native, Jun Zhu ‘Lily’ Wang, who started dance training at age 3, completely switches into opposite complicated roles in just one evening on the stage. Ms. “Lily” Wang at one time plays a costumed graceful lady of the court, and later, changes character into a strong noble woman general. One […]

Shen Yun at the Lincoln Center in 2013

Shen Yun performing artists has gotten a lot of raves from their  performance at the Lincoln Center (New York) in 2013. These raves come from no less than classical musicians, choreographers, academicians, television personalities, etc. BTW, 11 shows were nearly sold out which is no small feat for a venue this big. The Artists Most […]

‘First Date’ Theater Review – Charming and Unexpected

“First Date,” a contemporary love story musical, directed by Bill Berry, is an over-all appealing performance with excellent direction, production, actors, characters, story-line, and stand-out lyrics.

Hollywood Bowl Big Screens – Not Everyone Appreciates

The Hollywood Bowl has survived concerts of various artists of different genres throughout history. But today, four $1.5 million high-tech screens are distracting from the musical performances or the natural beauty of the Hollywood hills.

NY Philharmonic Ensemble Plays Music Inspired By Tolstoy

Famous writer Leo Tolstoy became the inspiration for the New York Philharmonic ensemble during their last performance for the season at the Merkin Concert Hall.   Their performance ended with the “Kreutzer Sonata”, the tale of Tolstoy’s short story and also the title of one of Beethoven’s compositions.   Read more critiques about the performance […]

Associated Press Cuts Back On Dance, Opera And Off-Broadway Coverage

The Associated Press (AP) has found out through a survey that their reviews of opera and off-broadway performances are rarely being used.  Thus, AP chief theater writer Mark Kennedy is starting to consider their reader’s suggestion that their resources may be used elsewhere. This can significantly hurt artists in this field as AP has the […]