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Cleveland Orchestra: Small-Town World-Beater

The Cleveland Orchestra is considered as one of the “Big Five” American orchestras. George Szell established a distinct European sound for the orchestra, which would later on become its trademark sound.

Grammy Award Winning Conductor Bramwell Tovey

A lot of people believe that classical music is only for the olden times. But the fact is, the following for this genre of music is as strong as ever. Even better, there are musicians who keep this genre of music alive for the next generations. One of the most popular figures in modern classical […]

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: A Living Legend

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, also popularly known as CSO, is a classical symphonic group that has a long history and an equally long list of achievements. Calling the Orchestra Hall in Chicago their home, they are one of the oldest orchestras in America today.

Carnegie Hall Patrons: Shen Yun Is The Experience Of A Lifetime

There are very few groups who have an international reputation for being as talented, as cohesive, and as stunningly hardworking as the Shen Yun Symphony Orchstra. Shen Yun has some of the clearest, most sonorous music that you could ever witness in person.

Boston Symphony Orchestra: Beantown Pride

Boston Symphony Orchestra has a long list of accomplishments: being considered as a member of the prestigious “Big Five”, first recording in 1917, and made musical scores for big movies such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

Newsletter – Sept 2013 – Shen Yun

IN SEVEN YEARS of Shen Yun’s history, the company has become a global phenomenon, leading the theatrical world with stage inventions and inspiring performances. See where our inspiration comes from and the challenges we have to overcome on our path… BEGINS NEXT WEEK!Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Now Touring US Cities THE ORIGINAL SHEN YUN MUSIC […]

Toothpick orchestra that took 3 years in the making

A 61-member orchestra ensemble made of 12,500 toothpicks is one for the books. Artistic Canadian illustrator Go Sato showcased his keen eye for detail when he created a model of classical musicians in amazing likeness to personages of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Sato said it expresses his love for classical music and all […]

Is Suona Really So Different From Oboe?

Is Suona Really So Different From Oboe? A Suona is a high pitch and loud musical instrument. It looks similar to a trumpet or Oboe. Traditionally, it is made with a wooden base and/or brass body. Contemporary pieces are made similar to the European Oboe. This instrument is used outdoors, is a mainstay during military […]

The way an orchestra should sound

Here’s a product breakthrough that will thrill symphony orchestra lovers. Award-winning producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix have created an orchestral collection like no other. The EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, which comes in four versions named after precious metals, brings flawless Hollywood-style sound right into your living room. The product features a large concert recording which is 5.1 […]

An Extraordinary New Musical Experience at Carnegie Hall

Watch the 2013 trailer. Watch now Go Behind the Scenes with Shen Yun’s Musicians Shen Yun has attracted an array of top musicians from around the world. Hear the musicians talk about how Shen Yun has given them not only an avenue for excelling in their art, but also an unforgettable life experience. Watch now […]