Explore The Origins Of That Distinctive “Inner Voice” All Women Possess – Artist Anastasia Alexandrin, Ahmedabad, India

Anastasia Alexandrin, female identity artist, is exploring bold new perspectives. Through the Looking Glass, an article by Marc Londo takes a deeper look: Almost 8,000 miles between Philadelphia and Ahmedabad, India, it is a great distance that covers at least a third of the Earth’s surface at the equator, not to mention the barrier between […]

Carnegie Hall Patrons: Shen Yun Is The Experience Of A Lifetime

There are very few groups who have an international reputation for being as talented, as cohesive, and as stunningly hardworking as the Shen Yun Symphony Orchstra. Shen Yun has some of the clearest, most sonorous music that you could ever witness in person.

Artist James Prosek: Why Categorize and Limit Nature into File Cases?

Artist James Prosek is someone who defies classifications. You can regard him as a writer playing music, a painter who likes fishing, or a naturalist or explorer sculpting and making films.

‘First Date’ Theater Review – Charming and Unexpected

“First Date,” a contemporary love story musical, directed by Bill Berry, is an over-all appealing performance with excellent direction, production, actors, characters, story-line, and stand-out lyrics.

Newsletter – Sept 2013 – Shen Yun

IN SEVEN YEARS of Shen Yun’s history, the company has become a global phenomenon, leading the theatrical world with stage inventions and inspiring performances. See where our inspiration comes from and the challenges we have to overcome on our path… BEGINS NEXT WEEK!Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Now Touring US Cities THE ORIGINAL SHEN YUN MUSIC […]

Classical Music And Miss America

The Miss America pageant is one of the few beauty pageants that really has a major impact on pop culture. It is a pageant that first got people to associate tiaras, sashes, and plastic surgery with American beauty. What many people don’t know is that this famous pageant is that many of the judges which […]

NY Philharmonic Ensemble Plays Music Inspired By Tolstoy

Famous writer Leo Tolstoy became the inspiration for the New York Philharmonic ensemble during their last performance for the season at the Merkin Concert Hall.   Their performance ended with the “Kreutzer Sonata”, the tale of Tolstoy’s short story and also the title of one of Beethoven’s compositions.   Read more critiques about the performance […]

Best of Paris in 24 hours

Young performers who travel across the world with prestigious dance companies like the Shen Yun Performing Arts have memorable experiences. A clear-cut example is young dancer Kelly Wen, who has derived fulfillment in touching audiences. Kelly Wen recounts with fondness how Paris, in particular, has allowed her to spend quality time. The dance artist considers […]