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Chicago Symphony Orchestra: A Living Legend

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, also popularly known as CSO, is a classical symphonic group that has a long history and an equally long list of achievements. Calling the Orchestra Hall in Chicago their home, they are one of the oldest orchestras in America today.

Boston Symphony Orchestra: Beantown Pride

Boston Symphony Orchestra has a long list of accomplishments: being considered as a member of the prestigious “Big Five”, first recording in 1917, and made musical scores for big movies such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

James Levine: An Excellent Orchestra Conductor

Many people who attend symphonic orchestra, or even an opera, often remark on the skill it takes to play the musical instruments that produce the sound, or how beautiful the singers’ voices are as they sing an aria. What many people don’t really mention (unless they are true classical music buffs) is the skill of […]

What Are the Three Chinese Holidays You Really Shouldn’t Miss This Season?

Every year’s end is an opportunity for fun holidays in the US filled with good food and merry-making. There’s the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. On the other hand, if you try to look back in history, you can find that there are also traditional Chinese holidays anyone and everyone could enjoy. If you […]

What Are the Best Apps for Making Music?

What are the best apps for making music? The answer to this question depends on  how much you already know about music-making, and what kind of music you want to create. With some apps, you definitely don’t need to be a graduate of music school; but with other apps you may need to have sheer […]

Top 10 Greatest Classical Composers Ever (video)

Top 10 Greatest Classical Composers Ever: A survey was conducted with more or less 115 respondents on whom they think are the greatest classical composers. Listed here at what people think as the top 10 greatest classical composers ever. Some results didn’t come as a surprise, actually. 10. Gustav Mahler, 1860-1911 An Austrian composer and […]

You Asked For It, You Got It! First Ever Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Tours 6 US Cities This Fall

After debuting last October in New York at Carnegie Hall and after their sold-out shows throughout the globe, Shen Yun Performing Arts is back this Fall with their 6-city US tour. The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra presents the same recognizable sound, but much grander. The symphony orchestra will play both their original Shen Yun production […]

3 American Symphonic Music Albums You Must Hear

Classical music enthusiasts can be moved to tears or feel uplifted just hearing legendary maestros play. Check out three albums that promise to be a real thrill for American symphonic music enthusiasts. The top album options commissioned by leading orchestras or well-known symphonic music festivals include Symphony No. 4 from `Mission San Juan’ by award-winning […]

Dogging the Viola: Leading 10 Classical Music Jokes

Jokes worrying classical musicians tickle the funny bones of great deals of folks, not just those in the music market. There are jokes that review the awful-sounding music produced by the inexperienced, regarding violas & & & violists, concerning the pompousness of the conductor like the highly successful and rich Herbert von Karajan, the discordant […]