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Michael Tilson Thomas: The Superconductor of San Francisco Symphony

Clara Jeffery, co-editor of interviews Michael Tilson Thomas, one of the greatest all-time music conductors. Mr. Thomas is a musical director of the kid-friendly San Francisco Symphony. His mission is to bring classical music as close as possible to the masses. Michael Tilson Thomas runs the New World Symphony, which is an academy for […]

Philadelphia Orchestra: The Masters of Philadelphia Sound

Philadelphia Orchestra has made history in all kinds of ways. They are first to appear on national television in 1948 and the first orchestra to utilize an online live stream in 1997.

Combining East and West to Create Perfect Harmony Music

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra composers, Junyi Tan’s and Jing Xian’s answers to 1. “How do you utilize the characteristics of both Western and Chinese instruments in your compositions?” and 2. “What are the differences between traditional Chinese and Western instruments?”

L.A. Philharmonic vs. Boston Symphony: Which Is the Largest Orchestral Operation?

The Boston Symphony call themselves “the world’s largest orchestral operation,” but L.A. Philharmonic annual spending has exceeded Boston Symphony’s. Which one indeed is the largest?

Cleveland Orchestra: Small-Town World-Beater

The Cleveland Orchestra is considered as one of the “Big Five” American orchestras. George Szell established a distinct European sound for the orchestra, which would later on become its trademark sound.

Grammy Award Winning Conductor Bramwell Tovey

A lot of people believe that classical music is only for the olden times. But the fact is, the following for this genre of music is as strong as ever. Even better, there are musicians who keep this genre of music alive for the next generations. One of the most popular figures in modern classical […]

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: A Living Legend

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, also popularly known as CSO, is a classical symphonic group that has a long history and an equally long list of achievements. Calling the Orchestra Hall in Chicago their home, they are one of the oldest orchestras in America today.

Boston Symphony Orchestra: Beantown Pride

Boston Symphony Orchestra has a long list of accomplishments: being considered as a member of the prestigious “Big Five”, first recording in 1917, and made musical scores for big movies such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

James Levine: An Excellent Orchestra Conductor

Many people who attend symphonic orchestra, or even an opera, often remark on the skill it takes to play the musical instruments that produce the sound, or how beautiful the singers’ voices are as they sing an aria. What many people don’t really mention (unless they are true classical music buffs) is the skill of […]

Inspiring Authentic Music – Silverstein, Great Musician from the Golden Age

Joseph Silverstein is great American violinist. He is “a master of the violin from the golden age of playing,” back in the time when what mattered most were the beautiful unique music of each individual artists.