Noble Dance Portrayals - Mr. Yangmuye ‘Ben’ Chen (Artist Profile) - Greatest Performance

Noble Dance Portrayals – Mr. Yangmuye ‘Ben’ Chen (Artist Profile)

Shen Yun Dancer: Yangmuye ‘Ben’ ChenYangmuye ‘Ben’ Chen moved from Beijing to the UK when he was 9 and went to school in London. Most of his classmates were non-Chinese and came from all over the world, and his mind was opened to new things. British society puts emphasis on multiculturalism and respect for other cultures, and so Chen states, “It was only after coming to the United Kingdom that I realized that I also had a culture to be proud of.”

Mr. Chen would often play “noble man roles” in classical Chinese dance and one of his first stand-out individual performances with Shen Yun Performing Arts was in the 2010 season piece, the “Splitting the Mountain” but his personal favorite dance is the “Tang Court Drummers.”

“The inner spirit of the dancers comes out and moves the audience from the inside,” he shares.

His feelings of purpose towards reviving Chinese culture through performing arts though are one of his best contributions.

“I really feel that the mission of reviving Chinese culture is our destiny… I feel that it is our duty to share the true essence of Chinese culture with the world, and eventually one day to bring it back to China through our performing arts.”

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