How do theatres foster engagement with the journalists

How do theatres foster engagement with the journalists who cover the field: Locking Theatres and Journalists in a Room Together:

Families sitting in theatre seatsHere is a great commentary by Howard Sherman. It all began when Mr. Sherman happened to notice the prevailing conversations or exchange of commentaries by journalists on Twitter. (He follows a group of respectable TV journalists on Twitter – amongst them are Alyssa Rosenberg, Roger Catlin, and June Thomas.


For several days or so, Sherman’s Twitter feed flooded with the journalists’ real-time comments and conversations about the cut of interesting new and returning TV programs (since they have all been together at the summer’s TCA.)  But while it has been interesting and informative, H. Sherman can’t help but ask, “Where’s the corollary event for American theatre?” How do we encourage the same kind of engagement with the journalists who cover the field of theater?


Sherman ends his article with these statements, “We are often in the same rooms at the same time at performances. What about being in a room where we actually converse?” Now that’s thought provoking.


Read more about his commentary here:



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