Grammy Award Winning Conductor Bramwell Tovey - Greatest Performance

Grammy Award Winning Conductor Bramwell Tovey

Conductor_Bramwell_ToveyA lot of people believe that classical music is only for the olden times. But the fact is, the following for this genre of music is as strong as ever. Even better, there are musicians who keep this genre of music alive for the next generations. One of the most popular figures in modern classical music is Bramwell Tovey. This conductor has won just about every musical honor imaginable as a conductor. Who is this guy, and what are the things you must know about him if you’re a classical music fan?


Tovey traces his roots to the United Kingdom. Born on July 11, 1953, this Englishman had his roots to music as a member of The Salvation Army. Because of his musical ability, he was able to get prestigious musical training at schools such as the University of London and the Royal Academy of Music. During his stints at school, Tovey established his formal line as a pianist and composer. However, he also gained extra skills along the way, including the ability to play the tuba.


His first experience as a conductor was at the Royal Ballet. From there, the breaks that came his way have been spontaneous. In 1988, Tovey was the conductor of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company during its first season of revival. The next year, he became the music director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, a position he held from 1989 to 2001. While at Winnipeg, he played a critical role in the establishment of the Winnipeg New Music Festival, an event held annually since 1992. He is now the music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, a position he has held since 2000.


Bramwell Tovey is also a well-known composer, with some of his compositions ending up being played at the big stages. He composed a Cello Concerto in Winnipeg in 2001, and then won a Juno Award for Classical Composition of the Year for his work in “Requiem for a Charred Skull” in 2003. He has also created film scores such as for the movie Eighteen. Along the way, he garnered all kinds of nominations as a composer and was involved in the production of a number of TV and radio programs.


Currently, Bramwell Tovey is still active in the classical music scene. He is the conductor of the “Summertime Classics” series of concerts at the New York Philarmonic, and was recently named as the next principal guest conductor at the “Hollywood Bowl” concert series of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

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