Classical Chinese Dancer & Choreographer: Michelle Ren - Greatest Performance

Classical Chinese Dancer & Choreographer: Michelle Ren

Dancer/Choreographer Michelle Ren

Shen Yun Dancer/Choreographer: Michelle Ren

In Michelle Ren’s years with Shen Yun she has captured the hearts of audience members everywhere with her grace and ethereal performances.

This dynamic, stunning, and beautifully trained dancer’s desire to share in the revival of Chinese dance is guaranteed to leave you enthralled when she performs with Shen Yun on a stage near you.

Discover her story, how she came to dance, how she came to learn, how she came to love, and how she came to passionately share through dance the culturally rich world of Chinese classic dance.

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Shen Yun Dancer/Choreographer Profile: Michelle Ren

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