Best 5 New Rhythm and Blues Music of 2013 - Greatest Performance

Best 5 New Rhythm and Blues Music of 2013


The breakthrough success of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience music albums made the year 2013 a big productive year generally for soul and *Rhythm and Blues* (R&B) music artists. Several diverse artists gave more eccentric twists to the old sound of rhythm and blues with peculiar electronics and on-edge beats. This one particular modification irrevocably transformed the sound of RnB in 2013.


But other than the somewhat detached or robotic sounds of these music, there are still the classic gut-wrenching music of veterans like Charles Bradley and the delicate croonings of artists like Daley.


Here are five of the most memorable songs that distinguish the change in the genre of R&B till the end of the year 2013: 5 Songs That Tell The Story Of R&B In 2013.

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