Arts History Restored to New York Times Square NYC - Greatest Performance

Arts History Restored to New York Times Square NYC

Times Square I Miller Building
You may seem like a gawking tourist but around Times Square at the northeast corner of 46th Street and 7th Avenue, you can admire Shoe entrepreneur, I. Miller’s building renovation with a pair of mesmerized foreigner eyes. Four gold-accented alcove statues of 1920’s women entertainers: Rosa Ponselle, Marilyn Miller, Mary Pickford, and Ethel Barrymore now adorn the growing Miller shoe store chain.

It stands out amidst most of Times Square’s areas that are mostly covered today by modern video screens. The sculptures are by Alexander Stirling Calder, son of the Philadelphia premier artist, Alexander Milne Calder. It’s a fresh view of a renewal of art.

Howard Sherman has a few photos of the beautiful renovation here:

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