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Chinese spectacle a new twist for Lincoln Center Festival

Asian audiences, particularly the Chinese, seem to have developed a taste for western performing arts. A case in point is Monkey: Journey to the West, a vibrant and visually sumptuous production featured at the Lincoln Center Festival. Other examples of how the performing arts has attracted Asian audiences is the Chinese New Year gala concert […]

Cirque Musica Level Up Performance With Live Music

Cirque Musica, a world-class circus performance, has recently added a new twist to their show by incorporating live playing of classical music performed by the 50-piece Dallas Pops. This helped launch their national tour during their recently held world premier held at the Dr. pepper Arena in Frisco. Read all about the Cirque Musica national […]

Best of Paris in 24 hours

Young performers who travel across the world with prestigious dance companies like the Shen Yun Performing Arts have memorable experiences. A clear-cut example is young dancer Kelly Wen, who has derived fulfillment in touching audiences. Kelly Wen recounts with fondness how Paris, in particular, has allowed her to spend quality time. The dance artist considers […]

American Symphonies to Tell ‘Distinctly American’ Stories

Writing a symphony and putting it in the American context is no mean feat. The composer must ensure that the material comes out fresh and vital. Talented composer Mohammed Fairouz shares the inspiring influences for his works, mostly symphonies that reflect his Middle Eastern roots, integrated with western structures. Through his music, Mohammed Fairouz has […]

3 American Symphonic Music Albums You Must Hear

Classical music enthusiasts can be moved to tears or feel uplifted just hearing legendary maestros play. Check out three albums that promise to be a real thrill for American symphonic music enthusiasts. The top album options commissioned by leading orchestras or well-known symphonic music festivals include Symphony No. 4 from `Mission San Juan’ by award-winning […]

Dogging the Viola: Leading 10 Classical Music Jokes

Jokes worrying classical musicians tickle the funny bones of great deals of folks, not just those in the music market. There are jokes that review the awful-sounding music produced by the inexperienced, regarding violas & & & violists, concerning the pompousness of the conductor like the highly successful and rich Herbert von Karajan, the discordant […]