American Symphonies to Tell ‘Distinctly American’ Stories - Greatest Performance

American Symphonies to Tell ‘Distinctly American’ Stories

New York-based composer Mohammed Fairouz

composer Mohammed Fairouz

Writing a symphony and putting it in the American context is no mean feat. The composer must ensure that the material comes out fresh and vital.

Talented composer Mohammed Fairouz shares the inspiring influences for his works, mostly symphonies that reflect his Middle Eastern roots, integrated with western structures. Through his music, Mohammed Fairouz has created awareness for social issues.

The American composer who has performed in venues like the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Boston’s Symphony Hall and many other prestigious performing arts venues has also created a symphony, In the Shadow of No Towers, which depicts post-9/11 American life.

Learn more about the music of Mohammed Fairouz, what drives him, and what he aspires for, in the NPR classical music blog:

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