3 American Symphonic Music Albums You Must Hear

Classical music enthusiasts can be moved to tears or feel uplifted just hearing legendary maestros play. Check out three albums that promise to be a real thrill for American symphonic music enthusiasts.

Album: Kevin Puts Symphony No. 4

Album: Kevin Puts Symphony No. 4

The top album options commissioned by leading orchestras or well-known symphonic music festivals include Symphony No. 4 from `Mission San Juan’ by award-winning composer Kevin Puts. It is a lyrical work based on the songs of the Native American Mutsun people.

The other two are Michael Daugherty’s Mount Rushmore and Martin Boykan Orchestral Works.

All three albums are extraordinary works that cast attention on the artistic American landscape, and give music buffs real entertainment value. Learn more about these great American orchestral pieces that lend a fresh perspective to the word symphony.

Read more at Symphonic Music, American Style: 3 Must-Hear Albums at www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/07/22/204586780/3-NEW-AMERICAN-SYMPHONIC-ALBUMS,

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