Performing Arts: The Vital Role It Plays In Our Lives

Have you ever tried to express yourself without the use of your body or voice? Is it even possible? To understand the vital role that the performing arts will play in our lives, you’ll need to understand more about the need for self-expression, as well as the need to see this self-expression in others. Here […]

Are Opera And Classical Music Still Important Today?

With the rise of pop music, jazz, and electronica, both opera and classical music started to fade away from the public eye. By 2013, people are beginning to wonder whether opera and classical music are still relevant to the modern world of music. Granted, you will not typically see today’s teenagers bopping their heads to […]

Shakespeare’s “The Comedy Of Errors” In The New York Central Park

Public theater has actually recently debuted their latest manufacturing, Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” at the Delacorte Theartre in Central Park New York. . The program is routed by Daniel Sullivan and is casted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Hamish Linklater, Emily Bergl and Jonathan Hadary. . Discover about exactly what the critics thought of the […]

Why Music Affects Human Moods And Emotions

Why does music feel so good and who does it have the power to change a person’s moods? That is what neuroscientist Valorie Salimpoor and colleagues are trying to find out.   Study reveals that by listening to classical music, certain areas of the brain show patterns of synchronized activity.  Certain neural connections in the […]

Heavy Rotation Year Ender: Public Radio’s Top 10 Songs of 2013

To celebrate the best music of 2013, NPR created a continuous playlist of songs compiled from Top 10s from around the country.

16 Favorite Shen Yun Heroes Which Would You Want to Be?

Take a glimpse of the most noteworthy characters, – their inner character traits and what makes them spectacular as people or as heroes and not just as characters in a dance performance.

Arts History Restored to New York Times Square NYC

around Times Square, Four gold-accented alcove statues of 1920’s women entertainers: Rosa Ponselle, Marilyn Miller, Mary Pickford, and Ethel Barrymore now adorn the growing Miller shoe store chain.

Best 5 New Rhythm and Blues Music of 2013

Five most memorable songs that distinguish the change in the genre of R&B in 2013: **”Blurred Lines” *,”Hurt Your”, “Simplify*”, “Guns & synth”, “The Apple”.

How do theatres foster engagement with the journalists

How do theatres foster engagement with the journalists who cover the field: Locking Theatres and Journalists in a Room Together: Here is a great commentary by Howard Sherman. It all began when Mr. Sherman happened to notice the prevailing conversations or exchange of commentaries by journalists on Twitter. (He follows a group of respectable TV […]

Explore The Origins Of That Distinctive “Inner Voice” All Women Possess – Artist Anastasia Alexandrin, Ahmedabad, India

Anastasia Alexandrin, female identity artist, is exploring bold new perspectives. Through the Looking Glass, an article by Marc Londo takes a deeper look: Almost 8,000 miles between Philadelphia and Ahmedabad, India, it is a great distance that covers at least a third of the Earth’s surface at the equator, not to mention the barrier between […]